It's been A Long Time

Another album…..My third one…..”Hater Kryptonite”, f*#k, I can’t believe I did this sh%t again.  It’s been a long time since my last album, about 12 years….damn.  In the coming blog posts I’m going to talk about some of my experiences f*^kin’ with the rap game, inspiration for the new album, why I walked away from the music scene, why I came back and just about  anything else that might have some relevance in my opinion.   I have no idea exactly where any of this is going to go but I’m just gonna let it flow while I’m still breathin’and see what happens.   I just wanted to let you mutherf*#ka’s know I’M BACK!  Now let’s get this sh#t rollin’…….again!  And one other thing, if you ain’t peeped that new album yet ………you’re f*^kin’ SLEEPIN’!

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