Resonate - The Hot New Single!


What's up everybody? Well, it's been a minute since my last blog entry, and I apologize, but sometimes, like you all know, life sometimes takes you in a different directions.  Anyway, I stepped away from the studio for a couple of years because I decided I wanted to finish up my Bachelor's degree.  I'm the type of cat that can't sit still and I'm always looking for that next challenge.  That's just the way I'm cut I guess. Once I got the degree under my belt I thought it was time to put together a new beat and some new rhymes to drop on ya'll so you would know that I am still breathin'.  The new cut is called Resonate.  It should be available all over the digital world in a few days.  If you happen to get your ears on it please drop me a line and let me know what you think.  Until the next time, love, live, and do the right thing!




New Album Promo Video

Check Out The New Album - Digital Immortality


I just dropped a brand new joint! Check it out and drop me a line!





I just finished the first video "It's Been A Long Time" from the new album "Hater kryptonite".   I would have released it about 6 weeks ago but had some technical difficulties with my computer.  Built a new beast to get the job done and wrapped things up.  It feels good to get that first one out there!  Check it out.



It's been A Long Time


Another album…..My third one…..”Hater Kryptonite”, fuck, I can’t believe I did this shit again.  It’s been a long time since my last album, about 13 years….damn.  In the coming blog posts I’m going to talk about some of my experiences fuckin’ with the rap game, inspiration for the new album, why I walked away from the music scene, why I came back and just about  anything else that might have some relevance in my opinion.   I have no idea exactly where any of this is going to go but I’m just gonna let it flow while I’m still breathin’and see what happens.   I just wanted to let you mutherfucka’s know I’M BACK!  Now let’s get this shit rollin’…….again!  And one other thing, if you ain’t peeped that new album yet ………you’re fuckin’ SLEEPIN’!


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